Waking up on the second day of your period comes with a lot of intense emotions. Sometimes you wake up with little fanfare and a few nagging cramps. Other times you wake up at a crime scene.

What if waking up with your period could be a tidy, stress-free, no-brainer?

That's just one reason to consider free bleeding and making the switch to organic period underwear. You won't have to worry about keeping ecologically harmful single-use period products on hand. You'll save time, money, and the planet—and, ultimately, keep things clean and contained during your time of the month.

We know that making the switch to period underwear is nerve-wracking. The first thing people ask us is, "do these things really work?" That's why we've created this guide to answer all your nagging questions about period underwear from the brand hannah.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of our comfy period panties.

What Is Period Underwear?

At first glance, period underwear looks like any other pair of underwear. We construct our popular products with layers of organic cotton, which is just as absorbent as your favorite tampons or pads. You can wear our period underwear without any other period products, meaning you'll be "free bleeding," which is all-natural.

Period underwear is leakproof, so the underwear will contain your menstrual fluids within absorbent cotton layers. Plus, they're comfy! All our popular styles are PFA-free, with stretchy elastic waistbands that take the pressure off your swollen tummy.

You won't be sitting in a puddle all day, either. The moisture barrier will keep you dry and cozy as you go about your day or snuggle into bed at night. If you're unsure if full-time free bleeding is for you, we recommend giving it a try on a lighter flow day toward the beginning or end of your cycle.

Does Period Underwear Work?

Period underwear certainly works. It absorbs your menstrual fluid, prevents leaks, and keeps you dry. The important question is whether this solution works for you and your lifestyle.

Like pads or tampons, you can buy period underwear that matches your flow level. On light days, most people can wear one pair of period panties all day long. Wear a more absorbent pair on heavier days, and consider bringing along a backup pair and a wet bag for peace of mind.

Period underwear is explicitly meant for bleeding and isn't ideal for incontinence, leaky bladders, or swimming during your period. Many new parents love using these products for postpartum bleeding, however.

If you choose the right pair for your flow level, your period underwear should keep you dry and comfortable with less waste.

Benefits of Using Period Underwear

Many folks wonder if switching to period underwear is beneficial. We're excited to tell you that reusable period products have plenty of benefits for you and the earth. Here are a few of our favorites.

Greener Than Single-Use Period Products

Disposable, single-use period products come with a lot of packaging, from cardboard boxes to wrappers, to applicators. Naturally, these products need to go somewhere and typically end up in landfills—and, eventually, in our water and ecosystems. Even disposable pads themselves tend to linger, taking as long as 800 years to decompose.

In contrast, period underwear is longer lasting. A single pair can often stay in rotation for up to five years! Imagine going five whole years without having to make an achy, late-night run to the store to restock your consumable period products.

Reusable products like underwear and our organic cotton pads are a sustainable way to manage menstrual fluids.

They'll Save You Stress and Money

How many times have you sat down to pee, only to look down and realize you got your period? Surprise!

A quick peek into your bathroom cabinet reveals you're down to your last single-use tampon or pad. Now you need to waddle to the store to drop big bucks on another box of period products that will you'll deplete by the end of the week.

When you switch to period underwear, those late-minute, desperate tampon runs will become a thing of the past. As mentioned, a single pair of period underwear can last up to five years. That makes them more economically sustainable than restocking your disposable pads each month.

You'll Keep Things Clean

Changing a saturated menstrual pad in a public bathroom can be a nightmare—not to mention a balancing act and a study in subtlety. Plus, pads and tampons tend to leak, leaving unflattering stains in conspicuous places. With a great pair of leakproof period underwear, you won't need to worry about hygiene until you're ready to take off your underwear for the day.

Some people worry there will be an odor, but period underwear is no different from a pad. The difference is that it keeps your fluids contained, so you're unlikely to leak. Many users find them more sanitary than other period products they've used!

Menstruation Should Be Comfortable. Period.

Change can be scary, especially if you've been using disposable, single-use period products since you were a kid. One of the best parts about growing up is making your own choices about how to manage your menstrual period. Switching to period underwear is a safe, simple, and stylish way to reclaim comfort during your time of the month.

Are you ready to make the switch to comfortable, low-maintenance reusable products? The best period underwear comes from the brand hannah, featuring cute cuts and neutral colors that look just like your favorite pair of panties. Shop the collection, or check out our popular menstrual cups and organic reusable pads.

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