You know when your period's coming. Maybe you have it marked in your calendar, or perhaps you rely on other signals, like a sudden emotional response to sappy television commercials or a weird craving for ice cream sandwiches.

Even with time to prepare, how often have you gone to grab a stack of pads only to come up empty-handed? Now you have to drag your achy body to the store, spend hard-earned cash on more pads, and then send the excessive packaging right to the nearest landfill.

Folks who use organic reusable pads don't have those problems.

We know you've probably heard some myths about reusable period products, but don't be afraid to make the switch. The environmental and health benefits are worth it. We've created this guide to help you decide if reusable pads are the best products for your sustainable lifestyle.

Read on to explore the benefits of earth-friendly feminine hygiene products from the brand hannah.

What Are Organic Reusable Pads?

The average person with a period uses up to 240 disposable period products each year. Think about all that packaging—not to mention all the energy manufacturers use to make and ship those products. Every single-use pad or tampon eventually ends up in the trash, contributing to landfills and disrupting ecosystems.

In contrast, organic cotton pads are reusable and constructed using 100% recyclable materials, right down to the hypoallergenic plastic snaps. A single reusable pad can last for up to five years. That's five years you don't need to add pads to your shopping list or worry about your environmental impact.

We make our organic reusable pads out of cotton, so they're skin safe and feel just like your comfiest pair of underwear. They come in every size you can find on store shelves, including pantyliners and super ultra absorbency. You can wash them at home without any special cleaning products.

When your pad is ready for retirement, you can recycle every component and pick out some cute new ones. One brand-new pad will only cost you as much as a large pack of pads at the store.

The Benefits of Organic Reusable Pads

We get it—throwing a bunch of pre-wrapped disposable pads into your purse seems convenient. Maybe you've been using single-use pads your whole life and feel reluctant about trying something new. So many of our happy customers have discovered it's never too late to get brave and make a positive change.

Here are the benefits reusable pad users love about their organic cotton pads.

A Greener Period

Now is the time to get serious about saving the planet. The President of the United States is considering declaring a climate emergency, and the UN has stated that now is the time to make a change. You may not be able to move mountains, but you can limit your use of disposable period products and feel better about your environmental impact.

Organic reusable period products are recyclable and made using earth-friendly materials that you can feel good about. Pads from the brand hannah only take one year to biodegrade, and several components are fully compostable. Compare that to single-use pads, which can take up to 800 years to decompose—yikes!

Cute and Comfortable

Let's face it: have you ever seen a disposable menstrual product you could describe as "cute?" Reusable pads from the brand hannah come in a variety of gorgeous colors and designs, from fabulous floral motifs to adorable cat prints. They're perfect for adults seeking whimsy or anxious young people put off by bland, boring products.

Plus, disposable period pads are rarely comfortable. From awkward, sticky adhesives to crinkly, noisy wrappers and materials, there's nothing about a single-use pad that's cozy. Reusable pads are silent and made from the same organic cotton as your underwear, helping to keep your skin in good shape and your pH levels in check.

Save Some Cash

As a single-use pad user, you need to buy pads every month. Have you thought about how much money you spend on your period products? Those expenses add up, costing you hundreds of dollars a year.

When you switch to reusable pads, you only need to pay once. High-quality organic pads will last for years, saving you hundreds of dollars over the life of your products.

Quality Convenience

You don't need to do anything special to wash and reuse your favorite hannah pads. Most users soak them and then throw them into the washing machine with their regular laundry. They'll come out of the wash squeaky clean and ready for your next period.

The brand hannah designs our reusable cotton pads to last. With proper care, you can go years without thinking about buying another pad. You'll never have to scramble to make it to the store while nursing cramps and a headache!

Feel Good About Your Period Products

You may not get to choose when you get your period, but you do get to decide which period products you'll reach for during your time of the month. When you switch to organic reusable pads, you're choosing better health and greener practices. Best of all, you'll leave that last-minute scramble for single-use products in the past!

The brand hannah is your ultimate source for stylish, sustainable, reusable period products. We'll keep you stocked up on the cutest menstrual cups, organic period underwear, and organic cotton pads. Start by ordering a free sampler product to see why so many thoughtful folks have fallen in love with our organic products.

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