Menstruation lasts for an average of 40 years of your life, so how can you connect with this powerful process instead of it being a hassle in your life? One of the places to start is to look at the menstrual products you use and consider switching to options such as organic cotton pads.

Menstruation is a natural part of human existence, but unfortunately, the education and power behind it have been lost over time. The good news is that in recent years this has begun to change with more period education and menstrual product options.

One of these options is organic cotton pads. These are types of pads that use 100% natural products, in this case, cotton. Read on to learn the seven top benefits of switching to this product.

1. Healthier for Your Body

There are many reasons why conventional pads are unhealthy for your body and can even threaten your health. Synthetic pads include fragrances, superabsorbents, bleach, and other hazardous chemicals.

Fragrances can cause irritation, itching, and soreness. Conventional pads use a bleaching process to appear white, but this involves highly toxic dioxins. They can cause hormonal problems, immune system damage, and cancer.

These hormonal issues include endometriosis and painful periods. You want a menstrual product that aids menstruation instead of hinders it, which is why products such as organic cotton pads are the solution. They use 100% natural products, so you don't have to worry about these health risks.

2. More Environmentally-friendly

Did you know it takes a minimum of 500 years for plastic pads to decompose? Many menstrual products on the market use plastic, which means a lot of harm to the environment throughout one person's lifetime using these items.

Organic cotton pads are better for the environment in many ways:

  • They do not use pesticides in the production
  • It takes less water and energy to manufacture than standard pads
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • No pulp from trees
  • No harmful chemicals

It can be shocking when you begin to realize how standard menstrual products can impact you and the environment. However, organic cotton pads, menstrual cups, period underwear, and reusable organic pads are all solutions. You do not have to worry about products sitting in landfills, using significant resources, or harming animals and nature.

3. Comfortable

During menstruation, it is essential to feel comfortable. How you feel comfortable during your period is individual, but menstrual products go a long way in helping.

Standard pad options are often uncomfortable, even causing irritation and itching. However, cotton pads are soft against the skin and are not noticeable under clothing. You can pick various styles, including ones with wings, so you can relax and know the product is working.

4. Breathable Pad Options

Standard pads and tampons can retain excess moisture, which allows yeast to grow. Say goodbye to issues such as yeast and fungal infections with organic cotton pads.

Another reason why organic cotton pads are comfortable is that they let your skin breathe. This reduces the chance of allergies, irritation, and infections due to limited airflow. You will stay cool and protect your body from health issues.

5. Absorbent Menstrual Products

It is natural to worry about leaks with menstrual products, with most people experiencing at least one heart-sinking leak at some point. There is nothing to be ashamed of if this does happen, but using effective products can help reduce risk, so you can enjoy your day (although there is no need to wear white and play tennis like many tampon commercials—unless you really feel compelled).

Organic cotton pads are more absorbent than synthetic options, which also use super absorbent polymer (S.A.P). They are naturally absorbent without aggravating sensitive areas of your body.

The absorbent cellulose core means you can have peace of mind that you will not leak if you change your product as regularly as you need to for your cycle. You can pick the absorbency level you need, such as regular, pantyliner, or overnight.

6. Affordable

Organic cotton pads are comparable to synthetic pad options on the market. However, they come without the many health risks, which can amount to more costs to deal with each issue. You may also find you do not have to use as many cotton pads as synthetic pads due to their absorbency.

Other products, such as organic period underwear, organic reusable pads, and menstrual cups, have a slightly higher initial cost. However, they are reusable too. Some people choose to use a mix of organic cotton pads and another product. Or they switch to organic cotton pads while deciding on other options.

7. Connect to Your Cycle

Organic cotton pads can help you feel more aligned with your cycle. If you do not identify as a woman but menstruate, these products can provide the comfort you need. And if you are a woman who wants to connect to the power of the womb, organic cotton pads can help you do that.

One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome with menstruation is seeing it as a burden or inconvenience. It is because many societies have not made space for women to go through their menstruation in comfort each month. This includes the menstrual products on the market, which can actually make menstruation more burdensome.

Organic cotton pads reduce discomfort and health risks so you can focus on your cycle. Hopefully, you can get some extra rest. However, these products are reliable and efficient, so you can easily complete activities.

The Best Organic Cotton Pads

Now you know why organic cotton pads can offer so many benefits when menstruating. Organic cotton pads are a good step if you want to switch from standard menstrual products. You will be familiar with how to use them if you use other types of pads; however, they will come with all the benefits!

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