Everyone has their favorite go-to sanitary products. Up to 86% of women in the US use tampons and other disposables, and we get it. It's hard to change habits that you've had for years if not decades.

But it's difficult to ignore the plastic waste that 35+ years of menstrual cycles can cause. Organic reusable pads, organic cotton pads, organic period underwear, and menstrual cups are all great alternative options. Not only are they eco-friendly period products but they offer other benefits too.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? Don't stress!

Hannah offers a full range of organic and reusable period products. This beginner's guide will break down each one so you can choose the ones that fit your needs.

Organic Reusable Pads

Reusable pads (or sanitary towels) have a similar shape to disposable pads you've likely used in the past. They can consist of any absorbent cloth but most of them are cotton or bamboo with TPU coating to make them leak-proof. These pads fasten with a snap underneath your underwear and they're available in a range of sizes.

But not all are organic reusable pads. Ours are organic certified cotton with unbleached and undyed fabric. It's unnecessary to dye fabric only you will see and it's harmful to the environment.

Plus, they're less likely to cause an allergic reaction. And some of our customers say our pads are so soft, it feels like they're just wearing underwear.

Even though reusable pads have snaps to keep them in place, many reusable pads have smooth fabric backings. This means they're still prone to moving around. Ours have soft silicone so that they will stay put and you can rest easy.

We also offer pads with different levels of absorbencies. If you like to wear thicker pads at night and thinner ones during the day, you still can!

Yes, we even have organic reusable panty liners. But one of the benefits of reusable period products is that they're often more absorbent than disposables anyway.

Organic Cotton Pads

On some occasions, only disposable pads will do. You might be traveling for work or going camping and aren't able to store and clean your used pads. Our organic cotton pads are still fantastic alternatives to the bleached, synthetic pads you find in the supermarket.

They consist of certified organic cotton with leak-proof shields. These pads are available in a range of sizes from pantyliners to overnight pads. Plus, all our pads have wings to ensure they stay in place.

Like our reusable pads, these feminine hygiene products are free from toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. This makes them more comfortable and hypoallergenic than regular disposable pads. Plus, they're much friendlier to the environment.

If you're struggling to make the switch from your regular menstrual products to reusable ones, use organic cotton pads first. Yes, they create waste, but you're taking a step in the right direction. We're all just doing what we can to make the world a greener place.

Organic Period Underwear

Don't feel like wearing any pads at all? Allow us to introduce you to period underwear! These look like regular pairs of underwear with super absorbency built in.

You don't need to wear tampons, pads, menstrual cups, or anything else to absorb your flow. Our organic period underwear uses certified organic cotton layers and TPU in the lining. The stretchy material and waistband ensure this is the most comfortable pair of underwear you've ever worn.

The TPU, elastic, and leakproof technology mean you never have to worry about leaks. Plus, you can use this pair of underwear for years meaning you'll save money on hygiene products in the long term.

As with regular underwear, period underwear is available in different styles and colors. We have a range of briefs, boyshorts, high-waisted, and even thong period underwear. Some are better for light and heavy flows so you can choose the best pair of underwear for your needs.

Top tip: We recommend buying period underwear one size larger than your usual dress size.

Menstrual Cups

These products are a reusable alternative to tampons. They are bell-shaped feminine hygiene products that you can insert to catch your flow. It might surprise you to learn that they are comfortable to wear and easy to insert.

Menstrual cups consist of silicone, latex, or thermoplastic elastomer. Our cups are 100% medical-grade silicone as this is a high-quality material that should last up to five years. They are non-toxic and BPA free as well.

There are tiny suction holes around the edge of the cup to hold it in place. The stem at the bottom makes it easy to grasp and remove. And the soft yet firm material makes the Hannah cup easy to fold and bend.

One of the key benefits of menstrual cups is that you can wear them for four to 12 hours. You can stay leak-free regardless of whether you're sleeping, swimming, or exercising.

The Hannah cup comes in three different sizes whereas most other menstrual cups are only available in two. You can choose the right size for you based on your flow and childbirth experience.

When you're not using your menstrual cup, you can store it in a discrete and pretty pouch. It's travel friendly and takes up almost no space in your bathroom cabinet. Plus, since the Hannah cup lasts for years, you'll save money too!

Switch to Organic Reusable Pads and Eco-Friendly Period Products Today

Organic reusable pads and organic cotton pads are the perfect alternatives to harmful, disposable pads. Menstrual cups are perfect if you prefer to use tampons. And organic period underwear is a cool new invention that everyone who has periods can get behind.

You can find a wide range of styles and products to suit every flow at Hannah. Check out our bundles of organic reusable pads and join the zero-waste period revolution!

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