Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930s, so why has America been so slow to catch on to these fantastic products?

In fact, what is a menstrual cup? It's a small, flexible cup that catches and holds your flow instead of absorbing it as a pad or tampon would. 

At The Brand Hannah, we design our menstrual cup, and all our period products, with your health and comfort in mind. From our cups to our organic reusable pads, everything we offer is made to help make your period more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Read on to debunk some common cup myths and learn some menstrual cup tips in our menstrual cup guide! 

1. Menstrual Cups Are Uncomfortable

Menstrual cups get a reputation for being uncomfortable. You may take one look at a cup and think it isn't possible to not feel it while it's inside you. 

The truth is, once the cup is inserted correctly, you won't be able to feel it at all. Think of it the same way you think of tampons; you'll forget it's there unless it has been inserted incorrectly. 

Our cups are made with soft silicone with your comfort in mind. We also provide care instructions so that you feel confident knowing exactly how to insert and remove your cup. We also provide simple instructions on how to clean your cup between uses.  

2. Menstrual Cups Are Messy

Sometimes, dealing with your period can feel messy and inconvenient. While using a menstrual cup may sound like a mess waiting to happen, the truth is far from that! 

One of the many menstrual cup benefits is that it's easy to remove without spilling anything, and it's also easy to clean. 

All of our products are made with safety, health, and convenience in mind. So whether it's our cups, our organic cotton pads, or our organic period underwear, cleanup will be a breeze. 

3. It's Hard to Go to the Bathroom

One of the most common beliefs about menstrual cups is that you can't use the bathroom while wearing one.

It's actually a very simple process to use the bathroom; just go like you normally would! The key is to make sure your cup is securely in place before you go. As long as your cup is in place, you should be good to go. 

It's also fine if you feel like you'd be more comfortable removing your cup before you go. Simply remove and empty your cup before you go to the bathroom.

Once you're done, wash your hands to ensure no foreign germs touch your body or the cup when you reinsert it.

It's safe to remove, empty, and clean your cup as often as you like. So, if it makes you more comfortable, you can remove it whenever you need to use the bathroom if that's your preference. Otherwise, it's safe and easy to go to the bathroom while using one. 

4. One Size Fits All

One of the most beautiful things about being a woman is how versatile we can all be! There is no "one size fits all all" for us because we're all our own unique size and shape. 

The same thing goes for your menstrual cups. Our cups come in several different sizes so that you can find your best fit. 

When you shop for one of our cups, call a hannahCUP, you'll come across a sizing chart to help you decide which cup size may be best for you. 

The cups run from size extra small to medium and change in cup size, length, and stem length. Extra small is great for those who are new to using cups and may feel intimidated by the size of a medium cup. It's also a good choice if you have a light flow. 

Size small is also a good choice for those who are new to trying cups or have a regular flow. 

The medium size is more suited for those with experience using a cup or for those with a heavier flow. 

5. The Cup Can Get Lost

This myth is a common misunderstanding! In the same way a tampon cannot get lost in your body, a menstrual cup also cannot disappear or get lost. 

It's important to remember that your vagina is only about 3-4 inches deep before you reach the cervix. The opening of your cervix is also too small to allow for a cup to slip in. With nowhere else to go, your cup has no way to get lost inside you. 

Plus, a menstrual cup comes with a stem at the bottom of the cup that sits near the vaginal opening when it's inserted. This allows you to easily find the cup and remove it when you're ready to. 

6. A Cup Can't Hold a Heavy Flow

Our cups are made to withstand all different kinds of cycles and flows, so no matter how tough your period is on you, our cups are here to provide support. 

The trick to knowing how a menstrual cup handles a heavy flow is knowing about your cycle. For instance, if your flow is heavier during the first few days of your period, you will likely need to empty your cup more often during this time. 

If you're unsure about your cycle, try a simple experiment. Try removing your cup after about 6 hours to measure how full it is. An overflowing or full cup means you may need to empty it more often during this point in your cycle.

You may even learn things about your cycle you didn't know before! 

7. You Can't Swim or Work Out

We know that life doesn't stop just because your period shows up. That's why our hannahCUP is the perfect choice for an active lifestyle, it provides leak-free protection for hours at a time. 

Once your cup is inserted correctly, you're good to go and work out as long as you want. You shouldn't feel your cup as you run, move, or during difficult yoga or stretching positions.  

It's also safe to wear a cup while you swim! And, unlike with tampons, you won't have to worry about a pesky string showing up to announce to everyone that you're on your period. 

Try Menstrual Cups Today

Now you know that some of the most common myths about menstrual cups are simply untrue! The truth is, menstrual cups are an easy, clean, and environmentally safe alternative to traditional period products. 

All of our products, whether it's our organic reusable pads or period underwear, are designed with your comfort in mind. Check out our menstrual cups before buying yours today! 

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