Did you know that a single menstruator will use up to 15,000 pads during their lifetime? This is why pads and tampons cause so much pollution. They also take up to 500 years to decompose.

If you are looking for some eco-friendly options, you can opt for organic period underwear instead of tossing dozens of pads in the bin.

Are you sick of wasting a lot of pads and tampons that are harming the environment? Do you want a more practical solution that does not destroy your regular underwear with stubborn stains?

Here are all the exciting details you need to know about reusable organic pads and period underwear to help you make the best comparisons and pick the right option for your monthly needs.

What Is Organic Period Underwear?

Since our environment is facing many problems, our customers expect a no-waste option. We decided to come up with the best organic period underwear that will keep you fresh and dry throughout the day without much effort.

Our organic period underwear looks and feels like your normal underwear. But it can handle a heavy flow, so you can wave those old pads and tampons goodbye to save the planet.

Unlike reusable pads, you can find organic period underwear in many different fabrics, colors, and cuts. You never need to stress about going out of style while ensuring you do not have an annoying sticky mess every month.

The best part about opting for period underwear with pads or tampons instead of the regular kind is that you can save a lot of money. Think about how many hundreds of dollars you spend every year on pads and tampons.

How much money do you end up spending on new underwear if you get stains on it?

Besides helping make this planet a better place for all, you can enjoy style and security because our period undies guarantee convenience and comfort.


Our sustainability efforts do not stop with your purchase. We are tremendously committed to reducing factory waste created during the production process.

Therefore, our organic period underwear is ethically sourced and made to ensure our customers get the best products without contributing to landfills.

Check out our Brief Heavy, Brief Light, Boy Shorts, and High Waist collection. Our organic period underwear comes with amazing elasticity and is designed to be worn without menstrual cups, tampons, or pads.

With four layers of inner organic cotton sheets, they are carefully designed to soak up fluid without seeping through to your pants. These are best for heavy periods when you expect a lot of discharge.

Our Organic Period Underwear collection can hold up to 80ML of fluid, which is equivalent to 16 regular tampons. So, you can relax knowing that you are saving a lot of money while not leaking all over the place and ruining your sheets and clothes.

What Are Organic Reusable Pads?

Reusable pads for menstruation look a lot like the disposable pads you find in supermarkets. However, many key differences make reusable pads the ideal choice.

The best part is that our organic reusable pads are easily washable. This is what makes it easy to reuse them because you do not need to do a ton of work to keep them clean and fresh.

Imagine having all this free time instead of cleaning. You can invest the extra time in hobbies or TV shows to unwind instead of stressing on your period.

The only thing you must do is pop them into your washing machine. Always select a delicate cycle if you are not planning to handwash your items. The reusable pads also do not take a long time to dry.

You can confidently expect to be able to use them after leaving them to dry for a little while instead of hanging them up overnight.

It also helps to use a wet bag. This helps store your old pads when you are changing into new reusable ones. These come with a bonus feature where they are attached using snaps.

Longer Freshness

Gone are the scary days when you had to be paranoid, wondering if traditional pads would keep you secure throughout the day.

You should always remember to bring reusable pads with you in case of an emergency.

Then you can enjoy using organic products that will not leave you confined to one or two styles because we have the best options to choose from.

For maximum comfort and ease, check out our hannahPADS. These are made from certified organic cotton that is undyed and unbleached. There are zero harmful chemicals in our fabrics.

We also guarantee a breathable and leakproof experience thanks to the inside coating of the reusable pads that are made of high-quality TPU. This effectively allows air to flow through while resisting moisture, keeping you dry and fresh for much longer.

The high-quality plastic snaps with our pads will also minimize allergies and are 100% recyclable. Finally, our organic reusable pads also have a non-slip silicone backing.

This way, you can walk or sprint comfortably without feeling like your pad is going to shift. All our pantyliners, small, medium, and long liner pads, have non-slip to give you the security you deserve.

Have a Comfortable Period

It's no secret that having a monthly period is frustrating, painful, and annoying.

The last thing you need while cramping is a heavy day where you end up with blood soaking through your clothes or bed sheets if you are not careful.

Instead of tossing regular pads and tampons into landfills, go for our organic reusable pads and organic period underwear. They are both excellent products to make that time of the month so much easier.

You can feel safe and secure knowing you are doing your part to protect the environment while staying fresh during your heaviest days. Browse our range of products today.

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