When it comes to choosing sanitary products, the decision often feels a little daunting. In the face of so many options, it's hard to decide where to start. When each body is different, reviews of products that work well for one person might not be so great for everyone.

Then there's the ecological side of things to consider. Did you know around 20 billion feminine hygiene products end up in landfills every year? Even if you've found a product that you like and works well, the environmental price is astonishingly steep.

If you're looking for alternatives to your current solution, we've got you covered. Read on to find out more about organic reusable pads, menstrual cups, and other potential winners!

Common Problems With Period Products

The natural female cycle demands unnatural solutions, most of which are either uncomfortable, potentially harmful, or both. Many products are constructed of materials that ought never to have been suggested as a serious solution to effective continued menstrual care.

Common sense dictates chemicals and perfumes should never go anywhere near a vagina, and yet they're found in many menstrual products. More and more women are taking a stand against this nonsense and looking for healthier, more ecological solutions. Fortunately, there's a growing market for the discerning woman, and more options become available every day.

There's such a thing as choice paralysis, though. The endless adverts and endorsements for particular products only serve to confuse matters further.

At hannah, we understand choosing between lackluster options doesn't cut it. Our philosophy is to avoid everything that seems so obviously backward when it comes to feminine hygiene. We're proud of all of our products to this end and have taken pains to make sure we've got an answer for everyone.

Organic Reusable Pads

Here's an eloquent solution. Reusable pads take a lot of the environmental guilt out of the equation. Periods are painful enough without being forced to contribute to environmental disasters.

The best period products all have simplicity on their side. When Aunt Flo comes to call, it's a trifling thing to stick a pad in your panties. Better still, you buy them once and use them indefinitely so you can avoid that fun monthly fee for simply being a woman.

Pads are also blessedly noninvasive. If you're one of the many women who'd rather not subject herself to the tampon experience, you're not alone. Organic reusable pads are wash-friendly and generally hassle-free.

Organic cotton pads are a no-nonsense favorite without any unnecessary bells and whistles to threaten a healthy pH balance. What more can you ask for?

Benefits of Menstrual Cups

These little guys are sometimes seen as controversial. If you're looking to divide a crowd of ladies, ask them about their experience with menstrual cups. Some women love them; others can't wait to list off all their many and varied failings.

The question here is whether or not they might be right for you. Some women feel they do a fantastic job as advertised. Easy to wash and reusable for up to 10 years when looked after, they seem a pretty good deal, right?

The rub comes from needing to master the knack of insertion so that a proper seal is made. To create a seal, a little pressure is required, which can feel distracting or uncomfortable throughout the day. The last thing you need is to be constantly aware of your menstrual cup while you go about your business.

Removal can be tricky, too, and much of the idea behind a reliable menstrual product is to keep mess to a minimum. Menstrual cups do a great job of this, but the seal can sometimes be tricky to break and requires a little practice to do reliably. In terms of tampon alternatives, menstrual cups are certainly cheaper in the long run and could potentially offer a permanent solution depending on personal experience.

Organic Period Underwear

We think you're going to like this one! After giving some serious thought to the problem, we decided to take matters into our own hands. The combo of cute underwear with an inbuilt sanitary pad seems obvious, but it hadn't been done as well as we felt it could be.

Our organic period underwear ticks all the boxes. There's no complicated application process to learn, and they're ecologically sound, reusable, and economical. Instead of spending a fortune on tampons and pads, select your favorite panties from our store, and you'll never look back.

They hold a substantial 80ml, the equivalent of 16 regular tampons. This means you're able to go the whole day without worrying about replacing and disposing of anything. The benefits of period underwear are unmatched!

We've also taken great pains to ensure they offer full front and back coverage, are unbleached and undyed, and offer leakproof protection you can rely upon completely. Our certified organic cotton is also completely PFA-free. All of this is available in a range of attractive styles and sizes you'd never guess were designed with periods in mind.

The Decision is Yours

The most important thing is to find the solution that's right for you. It's worth giving all the options you like the sound of a try personally. If you're unhappy with tampons and other similarly unsatisfying products, there's no need to put up with them any longer.

We've designed our products from the ground up to make your time of the month hassle-free, cheap and sustainable. Organic reusable pads are here to stay.

If you've got any questions, check out our FAQ page to see our most common queries!

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