why hannahpad?

Why Make the Switch?
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Why hannahpad?
Organic Cotton
All of hannahpad cloth pads have organic cotton layer on the inside where it touches your skin.
Even our threads are organic, so no residue of harmful chemicals or pesticides touches your skin.
The organic cotton is certified by Control Union.
Unbleached, Undyed, Chemical-Free
All of the cotton fabric used in our hannahpads are unbleached and undyed,
so they are truly chemical-free and great for your body.
No PUL Layer
At hannahpad, we use a special waterproof coating on the inner side of the outer pattern layer
instead of the conventional PUL layer that most brands use.
This allows air to flow through more freely while doing its job to resist water going through.
This type of coating is recommended by the Greenpeace organization.
So Many Patterns to Choose From
hannahpad cloth pads are not the ordinary color blocks or plain ivory.
There are so many beautiful patterns to choose to your taste! 
And the patterns are continuously updated, so more selections are available in the future.
High Quality Snaps
The snaps for hannahpads are high quality plastic. Unlike some metal snaps out in the market,
these plastic snaps minimizes the chances of allergic reaction.